Getting back to nature

Cambo  'Explorer's'  sleepover'singing round the campfire.
Cambo 'Explorer's' sleepover'singing round the campfire.

SCHOOL pupils enjoyed the great outdoors as they finished an explorers project with a woodland trek and sleepover.

The contingent from Cambo First School had everything from anti-midge cream and special packed lunches in their bags and they were given a range of problems to solve during the day.

These included how to put up a tent, how to cross a ravine with only rope and when your food is lost or stolen, what do you eat?

Pupils and staff also set up a campfire for the evening.

School headteacher Paula Cummings said: “Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the explorer trek and during the day our cutting, skinning and roasting skills were developed and put to good use.

“We were absolutely worn out by the time we returned to our base camp where the campfire blazed merrily and we were able to cook our supplies to the music of fellow explorers Professor Flatman and Professor Garwood.

“We slept that night like logs and were awoken the next morning with the breakfast gong and the delicious smell of our very own cooked bacon.

“What a fabulous time we had and it was such a brilliant end to a fun and interesting project.

“The children and staff have really benefited from the experience because we all now feel much better equipped to survive in the outdoor environment.”