High winds close village school

PUPILS in Ponteland have enjoyed some unexpected holidays.

Roof damage caused by high winds closed Ponteland First School on Friday and Monday.

Following strong gusts on Thursday the building was declared unsafe, but the calmer weather allowed workers to carry out repairs and the school re-opened on Tuesday.

Headteacher Lynn Blain said: “The very strong winds we had meant a few sections of the roof came loose, which made the building unsafe.

“We kept pupils inside and took advice from the county council. We then got some experts in who said the school needed to be closed.

“The loose bits did not fall down and thankfully the weather got better so work could be carried out to make the roof safe and watertight. It will be fully repaired in the next two weeks.

“Parents, staff and pupils are all pleased to be back to normal.”

Part of Darras Hall First School was also closed on these days due to the heating system failing.

As with Ponteland First School, the problem was fixed and the section was re-opened.