Jordan clocks up an amazing record

KEVI A level results 2012'Jordan Frazer
KEVI A level results 2012'Jordan Frazer

HARD-WORKING Jordan Frazer has clocked up an amazing 100 per cent school attendance record.

The dedicated 18-year-old is celebrating A-Level success after never missing a day of school in his life.

The record stretches back from his days at Wansbeck First School and Bothal Middle through to Newminster Middle and King Edward VI School, including its sixth form.

His commitment has certainly paid off as last week Jordan picked up three A grades in A-Level history, English literature and music.

He said: “I think I’m just lucky because I’ve never been ill.

“I have been tempted to pull a sickie and have a day off at times, but my parents have always made me go in, which has probably been good for me.

“It’s not that I really enjoyed school. I liked the banter, but not the work or the lessons. I think never missing a day has definitely helped me get the results I have though.”

Jordan is now hoping to keep up his record at Newcastle University where he will be studying law.