Meet the four tops

Recipients of the special Year 11 awards at KEVI Philip Biggs, Jack Clark, Lauren Gordon and Jonathan Phillips.
Recipients of the special Year 11 awards at KEVI Philip Biggs, Jack Clark, Lauren Gordon and Jonathan Phillips.

YEAR 11 students at Morpeth’s King Edward VI School have been rewarded for their hard work.

Four of them were presented with special accolades to mark their significant achievements.

Philip Biggs has been involved in a long-term project to raise money for a community vehicle to help a Kenyan village.

It started when he and parents Bob and Lorraine stayed in Watamu, a village 60 miles north of Mombasa, in October 2005 and met guide Jonathan Baya.

He asked for their help to buy a mini,bus to assist local people with day-to-day activities, such as carrying water, buying food and making appointments, as well as taking tourists on safari to bring in village funds.

The family agreed to provide some money themselves and do a range of fund-raising activities.

The vehicle was bought in October 2009.

Philip’s contributions in the last year included his band Broken Biscuits doing a charity performance at Morpeth Rugby Club and organising garden parties.

For his efforts, the school presented him with the Citizenship Award.

Jack Clark’s big cricket talent has already seen him make a big impact at senior level with Morpeth Cricket Club and Benwell Hill Cricket Club.

In the last 12 month- he has earned a place in the England U15 squad.

As a result, he received KEVI’s Special Services to School Award.

Lauren Gordon had a lead role as Sandy in this year’s musical number, Grease.

She was given the Jane Mann Award for Contribution to the Arts after showing her considerable singing and acting skills.

Jonathan Phillips was the recipient of the Jonathan Philpott Award in recognition of the outstanding progress he has made since he arrived at the school three years ago.

All students received awards, which were divided into the categories of attainment, progress, services to school, services to school sport and form tutor awards.

Head of Year 11 Bryan Stewart said: “The award nights highlight the talent across the board in Year 11.

“These four students deserved extra credit for their hard work and achievements.”

During the two nights, Broken Biscuits and another band of KEVI students, We Found Nemo, played before packed audiences.

Lauren Gordon and Rebecca Megwa performed a duet, Natasha Dawson and Jem Thompson put on a dance performance, there was a drama piece from Ethan Bateman and Dylan Ridley and Hannah Slater-Patterson performed a violin solo.