Plenty of smiles after achieving top class results

From left, Alexandra Knight, Amy Locks and Emma Shuttleworth.
From left, Alexandra Knight, Amy Locks and Emma Shuttleworth.

Star students have been celebrating this week after achieving some incredible GCSE results.

The 16-year-olds whose grades were mainly the highest available include Emma Shuttleworth, of Morpeth.

She received nine A*s (additional science, further additional science, core science, English language, food technology, French, maths, music and religious studies) and two As.

The King Edward VI School pupil will study biology, chemistry, maths and physics at AS-Level.

“I’m very happy that I did so well – I cried a little when I saw the results,” she said.

Amy Locks got her A* grades in additional science, further additional science, core science, English literature, maths, further maths, music and religious studies and she also achieved four As.

She said: “I didn’t have any expectations, so I was really pleased when I open the envelope and saw my results.

“I’m looking forward to celebrating them with my friends.”

Amy will study music at AS-level (she plays the piano and violin) as well as biology, chemistry and maths.

Rothbury resident Scott Martin was feeling confident, but he didn’t expect to do as well as he did. The highlight was an A* with distinction, known as a super A*, which is uniquely available in further maths.

There were also 10 A*s (biology, chemistry, English language, English literature, French, geography, maths, music, physics and religious studies) and an A in history.

His AS-Level subjects are maths, further maths, music and physics.

Scott said: “I was surprised to get the A*s in French and religious studies.

“Now that results day has come, it’s great that I can enjoy the rest of my summer and I’m also looking forward to studying maths, music and physics in more depth.”

Joe Dale, who was still to decide his AS-Level subjects when he spoke to the Herald, achieved A*s in additional science, English literature, expressive arts, maths and religious studies. He also received five As and one B.

He said: “I was nervous and couldn’t get to sleep last night, so I’m elated with these results. Religious studies is a huge surprise as I was predicted a B.”

Alexandra Knight got an A* in textiles, six As and three Bs. She will study chemistry, English language, product design and psychology at AS-Level.

She said: “I’m happy and relieved now that I know my results. I’m most looking forward to product design as I’ll be building on my textiles work.”