Rivalry spurs on great marks for siblings Alys and Matthew

THERE’S nothing like sibling rivalry to spur on exam success.

And terrific twins Alys and Matthew Mckee had it in bucket-loads.

Not only did the pair compete with each other for GCSE results, but they were both determined to beat their older brother’s performance.

So it was no surprise when the King Edward VI School pupils collected an amazing 19 A* and A grades between them.

Alys slightly edged her brother with five A* and five A grades, and as Matthew was busy on a work experience placement during results day, it was left to his sister to break the news that he had achieved five A*s, four As and a B.

She said: “My results were pretty much expected, but it is a relief. Now I can just focus on A-levels.

“I haven’t told my family yet how I’ve done, but I’ve told my brother because I had to get his results for him.

“There has definitely been some competition between us, but he doesn’t even try that hard, he’s just naturally clever. I’m the one who’s sitting revising, but he usually beats me anyway.

“We have helped each other though and we did revision together. We’ve got an older brother so we just wanted to beat him and we’re happy because we’ve done that.

“It has been a bit tense at home, but our parents have been good about it.”

The twins both plan to go into the KEVI sixth form, but they will be studying different subjects as Alys wants to be a vet and Matthew hopes to go into economics.