School’s star show

Ashley Brown 8 A* 3A
Ashley Brown 8 A* 3A
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SCORES of students were jumping for joy after a star-showing in their GCSE exams.

More than a dozen pupils at Ponteland High School achieved either A*s or As and others had a high proportion of them among their results.

Andrew Bagnall was delighted to discover that he got the top grade in all 10 of his subjects, as well as a pass in ICT.

The Darras Hall resident said: “I thought I would do well, but I can’t believe I’ve managed to get all A*s.

“I spent more time on both English subjects as they were the weakest ones for me, so it came as a shock to see that I had received an A* for them too. I’m grateful to all my teachers for their help.”

He will return to Ponteland High to study German, maths, chemistry and either physics of French at AS-level and he ideally wants to study at Newcastle University.

Jess Keating, 16, achieved the gold standard in all 11 of her exams.

“I received a phone call from the school yesterday to say I should definitely come along and I thought that must mean I haven’t done too badly,” she said.

“It’s a bit of a relief after putting in so much hard work and it will be nice to celebrate my results with all my family.”

She is looking forward to doing maths, German, biology and geography at AS-level because she enjoys all four subjects.

Ashleigh Brown will be combining her AS and A-level studies with an Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence in women’s rugby.

The Morpeth RFC player has been part of England development squads and she will receive expert coaching and gain an all-round knowledge of the game – including tactical knowledge and nutrition aspects.

She received eight A*s and three As in her GCSEs.

The Kingston Park resident said: “I’m thrilled with my results and so surprised to have an A* for maths as I needed to get a lot of points in my final exam.

“I treated myself with a bit of nice food if I did a block of revision and I also did some during my gym sessions to make them less boring.

“I’m looking forward to the apprenticeship and I think it will help me achieve my ambition of playing for the England senior team.”

Lewis Fraser found a useful way to relax during his study leave as he played the drums for about 15 minutes when it was time for a break.

And his hard work paid off when he gained five A* and five A grades.

“I was ecstatic when I opened the envelope, especially with my French and English grades,” he said.

“My teachers have given me a lot of encouragement and I’m glad that my parents kept on at me to revise, even if I wasn’t so happy at the time.”

He will now study biology, chemistry, physics and maths at AS-Level.

Ponteland resident Charlotte Twelves believes that having a good balance between school and extra-curricular activities has helped her to achieve one A*, seven As and two Bs.

She plays the clarinet for the Northumberland Youth Orchestra, enjoys dancing and horse riding and will be working towards her Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award after obtaining the Silver and Bronze standards.

“I felt joy and a bit of relief when I found out my results as I was really nervous this morning,” she said.

“I was pleasantly surprised to get an A for English Language as I didn’t feel that the exams had gone so well. I will be studying biology, chemistry, maths and geography at Ponteland High and I’m keeping my options open for the future.”

Her father Dr Nigel Twelves, who works for Ponteland Medical Group in Meadowfield, added: “We’re over the moon with Charlotte’s success. The family is very proud of her and we’ll go away for the weekend and have a nice meal to celebrate.”

John Anderson will be taking chemistry, biology, physics and maths at AS-level after receiving five A*s, four As and two Bs.

He said: “I was pleased with my A* grades and a little annoyed with the Bs, but overall I’m pretty happy as it could have been worse. I’m grateful to my best friend Andrew Bagnall for keeping me sane during the exam period.”

Scott Graham, 16, got an A* for chemistry as well as six A and three B grades.

He said: “My feelings were mostly relief because I prepared for the worst. I’m really pleased and I can now relax for the rest of the holidays and get ready to start Sixth Form. I was thinking of doing chemistry for my A-levels and the decision was confirmed when I saw that I had got an A* in the subject.

“I will probably re-join the school rugby team because I’ve enjoyed being part of it.”

Scott will also study physics, German and history at AS-Level.