Schools records its best A-Level results ever

THE best ever A-level pass rate has been recorded at Morpeth’s King Edward VI School.

Around 200 students sat the sixth form exams at the school this year.

And of the 637 exams taken, only three papers were given an unclassified grade.

The school also achieved its highest average points score for pupils and 57 per cent of those who took the exams achieved all A* to B grades, matching the results last year.

Headteacher Simon Taylor said: “We are very pleased. It has been another excellent set of results and there are lots of happy faces.

“There are some really good grades.

“We have had our best ever pass rate, which is virtually 100 per cent, and for grades A* to B it is on a par with the last couple of years at 57 per cent, which is fantastic.

“Everybody has got at least two grades and the vast majority have three or four.

“We have 23 students who got all A* and A grades and three students got all A*s.”

Mr Taylor was delighted to see that the majority of students got the grades they needed for their first choice university places, but he said staff will be working with those who missed out to help them find alternatives.

He said: “What we look for now is to work with anybody who hasn’t got their first choice offer or hasn’t been fixed up if they want to go to university. That is what the staff will be doing over the next few days.

“I’m pleased to say that the vast majority have got places and have got their first or second choice universities, and everybody who applied to Oxbridge got in. They will be going off in September or October.”

Changes have been made to the university admission system this year, enabling establishments to take an unlimited number of students who achieve grades of two As and a B or higher.

And Mr Taylor hopes it will benefit KEVI pupils.

“We have some students who might now change the university they want to go to because they have done better than they thought, and some students may benefit if courses are freed up by people going elsewhere.

“It is a bit of an unknown until we see how it is working, but hopefully that will be a benefit,” he said.

He added: “We have a lovely set of results and it is on a par with the last couple of years, which is great.”