Schools showcase their Euro vision

Visitors from six European countries at Morpeth First School.'REF 2106130004
Visitors from six European countries at Morpeth First School.'REF 2106130004

TEACHERS from across Europe have been welcomed to Morpeth to learn more about the school system.

Morpeth First School has hosted a delegation of teachers from France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria as part of the Comenius European Project, which aims to share best practice in culture and art teaching.

Teachers from Morpeth have already visited France and Sardinia, with trips to Germany and Sweden planned later this year and to Bulgaria and Spain in 2014.

Visitors to the Morpeth school saw pupils and parents working together on a project about the architecture of the different countries and observed normal lessons.

They were also invited to Morpeth Town Hall for a reception with Mayor Joan Tebbutt, who is a school governor, and were taken on a tour of Northumberland.

Morpeth First School Headteacher Elaine Reay said: “It is really about promoting awareness of cultural arts and cultural diversity through partnership.

“We did a big welcome assembly with lots of dancing and singing and the teachers went around the classrooms to talk about their cultures with the children. I gave a presentation about the British education system and showed the successes of the school from the website.

“The project helps teachers to continue their professional development. It is about sharing good practice, particularly in the arts.”

Monica Karlsson, of Sweden, said: “It is good to see how education works in England because this is the first time I have been here.

“We have a TV series in Sweden about country life and Morpeth looks just like the film. It is very nice.”