Science show makes a bang

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DRAMATIC demonstrations and fascinating facts will be the order of the day when Ponteland High School presents a science-related show next week.

A Brief History of Life aims to give audiences a whirlwind tour of where we came from and where we may be heading in years to come, including the Big Bang, humankind’s evolution and potential technologies of the future.

Post-16 and Year 10 science and technology students and their teachers have devised the performance lectures to celebrate National Science and Engineering Week.

Among the demonstrations will be volcanic-style eruptions of coloured foam to help explain the instability of early Earth, how humans evolved using a variety a model skulls, inquisitive modern humans explaining research at The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), which operates the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, and what the world of the future might look like.

The show will also include controlled ethanol explosions and those involved will carefully use liquid nitrogen to demonstrate how the Big Bang worked, for example at -210˚C the liquid causes rubber to turn brittle and a balloon to inflate and it then boils at room temperature.

Principal Teacher for Science at Ponteland High Mark Warland said: “The show is all about demonstrating how science and technology can be fun, as well as informative, and it gives our students an opportunity to use what they have learned to tell the fascinating story of how we arrived where we are today and what might lie ahead.”

There will be performance lectures for Year 9 students on Monday and Years 7 and 8 from Richard Coates Middle School and Ponteland Middle School on Tuesday and Wednesday.

They are followed by special shows on Thursday, March 15, including one for parents, family and friends in the Drama Theatre between 7pm and 8pm.