Student heads for Parliament

A MORPETH student is heading for the House of Commons to take part in a national debate.

Simon Pickles, who attends King Edward VI School, will join more than 300 fellow members of the UK Youth Parliament to decide its priority campaign for the year ahead.

The debate will be chaired by the Speaker of the House John Bercow and will be broadcast live on BBC Parliament.

It will be split into five sessions, focussing on issues chosen by young people in a ballot earlier this year. Members will then vote to decide their priority.

The choices are make public transport cheaper, better and accessible for all, getting ready for work, marriage for all, an equal National Minimum Wage for all, or a curriculum to prepare us for life.

Votes will be counted by House of Commons staff and the result will be announced by the Speaker at the end of the event.

The debate marks the finale of Parliament Week, which aims to increase understanding and engagement with democracy.

The UK Youth Parliament is the only group other than MPs allowed to debate in the House of Commons.