Students become teachers for a day

A group of A level geography students from Ponteland High School were in charge of proceedings when they went back to their former schools.

Harriet Barrett, Ellen Forsyth, Simon Hirst, Rebecca Morris and Thomas Shield taught a geography lesson to a year eight class at both Ponteland and Richard Coates Middle Schools.

The theme was the long-term impact of people’s actions in regard to a sustainable future. The students used the Doctor Who television series as a way to connect with the pupils, who were taken on a journey through time to see the changes that have and could happen depending upon our use of the planet.

The feedback from both schools was very positive, with teachers saying their pupils really enjoyed the activities within the lesson.

Ponteland High School headteacher Kieran McGrane said: “It is always lovely for our students to go back to their middle schools and help promote a love of learning, and this is exactly what this group has achieved.

“They are wonderful ambassadors for our school.”