Students join the A-list with some top exam grades

James Famelton and Craig Martin at A Level day at KEVI Ref: JCMH KEVI ALevel 2013 14
James Famelton and Craig Martin at A Level day at KEVI Ref: JCMH KEVI ALevel 2013 14

THE A-list is getting bigger at Morpeth’s high school.

No fewer than 18 students at King Edward VI School (KEVI) scored a run of straight A* or A grades in their A-Level exams.

And 22 pupils achieved three or more of the top grades.

Among those celebrating the remarkable achievement was Laura Tantum, of Morpeth, who obtained four As for Latin, history, English literature and politics. She will now go on to study classics at King’s College London.

“I was really nervous opening the envelope,” she said.

“I didn’t have a chance to check the UCAS website to see if I had got my place before I left home so I had no idea what to expect. I’m so happy, and relieved as well.”

James Famelton, of Fontburn, couldn’t have done better in his exams, notching up four A* grades in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry. He is one of five Oxbridge students at the school and will be heading to Cambridge to study natural sciences.

“I’m just very happy,” he said. “I knew I had one of the A* grades already because of the way the modular system works. I needed three As to get into Cambridge so three A* is even better. I didn’t need to do it, but I did and I’m delighted.”

His best friend throughout school Craig Martin, of Rothbury, was also in the A-team, with an A* in maths and As in chemistry and physics securing his place at St Andrew’s University to study geology.

He said: “I’m so delighted. I was too scared to check the internet to see if I had got my place before I came out so it is a relief. When I got my AS-Levels it was a list of letters and numbers and it was difficult to work out what I had got, but for the A-Levels they helpfully put the grades at the top so I could see straight away.”

Lucy Shuttleworth, of Morpeth, will fulfil her dream of studying medicine after three A* grades in chemistry, biology and maths secured her place at Sheffield.

“I didn’t expect this at all,” she said. “All I was wanting was three A grades to get my place. I had already been on the internet so I knew I had got into Sheffield and I didn’t really care about anything else, but this is really exciting. I’ve told my Mum and she was over the moon.

“It’s been a lot of hard work and last night was the worst feeling. I had so little sleep and I was so tired when I opened the results that I don’t think they registered at first, but it is all sinking in now.”

Robyn Stewart, of Morpeth, achieved an A* in maths and A grades in further maths and English literature. She has put off university for now, but hopes to secure a place to study in the United States next year.

“I’ll try to earn some money and through the year I’ll be applying to American universities. I might also do some more AS-Levels for fun,” she said.

“I had originally applied for university here to do maths, but by the end of the exams I decided that wasn’t for me. I loved English far more than I would ever love maths and I think it is important to do something you really want to do so I decided to take a year to pursue that.

“I think it’s the courses that are available that are drawing me to America because you get quite a breadth of study in the first two years. I feel like I have been in my comfort zone my whole life so I need to throw myself into something new. I know I will really love it.”

The students who achieved three or more A* or A grades are: Joshua Bailey, James Carr, Faye Carr-Wilson, Molly Chan, Hazel Cooley, James Famelton, Martha Germany, Rhonan Green, William Hodgkinson, Miriam Inverarity, Polly Jeffrey, Hannah Langston, Francesca Lawson, Craig Martin, Heather McCoull, Megan McCoull, Jessica Pearce, Lucy Shuttleworth, Hannah Slater-Patterson, Robyn Stewart, Laura Tantum and Samuel Thomas.