Success is on the menu

King Edward VI School entries for the Jamie Oliver Cooking Competition'Robbie Morgan making chips
King Edward VI School entries for the Jamie Oliver Cooking Competition'Robbie Morgan making chips

TALENTED teenage cooks from Morpeth are hoping to taste success in a national contest.

After finding out about the Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills competition online, five King Edward VI School students decided to give it a go and they each created a two-course meal with a drink.

Chloe Dodd, Devon Mack, Robbie Morgan, Catherine Simpson and Olivia Taylor needed to choose from one of four scenarios: Catering for British athletes prior to an important event, a special family occasion, a children’s birthday party and an English picnic.

They sent photographs of their food to the judges and school staff who tasted their meals separately got in touch with their comments about the pupils’ skill levels and the flavours used.

KEVI’s Head of Food Technology Anne Calder said: “These students put a lot of thought into how they would make their dish enticing to people. They were all very creative and skilful and they made some gorgeous food that I really enjoyed tasting.

“As well as the photographs, they needed to explain why they presented the food the way they did and the nutritional value of their meals.”

Catherine made vegetarian ramen with noodles, prawn sushi with nori seaweed, fruit salad and vegetable sticks with soya dip, along with cranberry juice and green tea.

Devon cooked sirloin steak with a mustard glaze and new herb potatoes and a banana cream tart, served with home-made orange juice.

Olivia came up with tomato pasta with pastrami and couscous with broccoli. Dessert was caramelised banana, melon, apple and orange pieces, with mineral water to drink.

Robbie made red onion and blue cheese tart with home-made chips and coleslaw and a Scottish Crannchan treat to finish, washed down with some fruit juice.

Chloe put together a dish of meringue toadstools followed by red velvet cupcakes with home-made pink lemonade.