Teen enjoys a great global experience

KEVI student Freddie Bowles in Times Square.
KEVI student Freddie Bowles in Times Square.

FROM the Big Apple to the White House – a Morpeth teenager was delighted to expand his horizons after being selected for a major international forum.

King Edward VI School Year 13 student Freddie Bowles recently attended a Global Young Leaders Conference (GYLC), which included sessions and visits to places of political significance in Washington DC and New York.

KEVI student Freddie Bowles outside the White House.

KEVI student Freddie Bowles outside the White House.

He followed in the footsteps of Student Voice Ambassador Calum Thomson, who attended last summer.

Those attending from a range of countries, aged between 15 and 18, analyse and discuss various subjects including communications, diplomacy, law, human rights, peace, security, economics and the role of the United Nations.

Reflecting on the conference, Freddie said: “This was probably the best experience of my life so far as I met some amazing people and did some fabulous things.

“I really liked how the conference was structured. The organisers had a good balance of leadership activities to cultural experiences.

“The best part probably was in New York City, especially the Global Summit and visits to Times Square and 5th Avenue.

“I was put in the France leadership group and we talked about issues such as the current one in Cyprus and other topics such as global development and human rights. When all the commissions had written a resolution, the country groups voted for and against and negotiated with other countries to change parts of the resolutions.

“The atmosphere was very exciting, especially in the UN building where real life summits commence.”

Each session of the GYLC is designed to educate, inspire and motivate students by giving them the opportunity to explore cultural differences first-hand, absorb diplomatic skills daily, build confidence and enhance decision-making skills.

Participants return home with valuable perspective on their own careers and futures and a greater understanding of their roles and responsibilities as citizens as well as the current issues facing the international community.

KEVI Student Voice Leadership and Enrichment Co-ordinator Victoria Najafi, said: “Freddie has developed his leadership skills, increased his confidence, made friends from all over the world and is now a member of the distinguished GYLC Alumni, which will look fantastic on his CV.”

Freddie would like to thank the following who were kind enough to help him raise funds to attend the conference: Project Advisors International, Ms Andrea Stappard, Bin21, Mr Jimmy Henderson and Mr Einar Henderson, Rep Build Ltd, Louis Johnson Estate Agents and Auctioneers, Mrs Barbara Turner, Paul and Tracey Bell, S.D. Green Jewellers, Vulcan Place Garage, Kathryn Trueman Bridal, Morpeth Rotary Club, The Three Rivers Learning Trust Ltd, Facets of Morpeth, Mr John Heaton, Mr Alan Maxwell, Piramal Ltd, David Auld and Co Solicitors, Northumberland County Council, Mr John Rea, The Barbour Foundation, West Bedlington Town Council, Hallmark Morpeth, Guide Post Post Office and staff and customers at Deja Vu hairdressers in Morpeth.