What a double act

Caroline and Jason Garner
Caroline and Jason Garner
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TERRIFIC twins John and Caroline Garner continued the family’s exam success story with their outstanding sets of GCSE results.

Caroline achieved an incredible clean sweep of A* grades in all 11 of her subjects and John also did superbly with three A*s and seven As.

The Ponteland High School students’ results came on the back of their sister Imogen’s excellent A-Level performance. She got two A*s and two As and will be studying history at Cambridge University.

French, maths, biology, geography, English literature, English language, media studies (double award), chemistry, history and physics were the subjects in which Caroline received the top grade.

She said: “I’m quite overwhelmed because I’ve worked hard for so long – the past couple of years have led to this day. The last French exam was very difficult, so I’m pleased that I still managed to get an A*.

“Me and John are both proud of each other. It’s great that we were both able to do so well in our GCSEs.”

Caroline is taking history, English literature, geography and maths at AS-Level.

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John’s three A* grades were in physics, maths and geography, which he will study at AS-level along with further maths. He is aiming to do a computer science or software development course at university.

“I was really pleased with my results, particularly with the A*s as I already had those subjects in mind for my A-levels and these grades confirmed my choice,” he said.

“I’m delighted for my sister, who really deserved her results. We helped and tested each other during revision, which came in useful for the exams.

“With Imogen getting into Cambridge last week, it’s great that we can all celebrate together as a family.”

The 16-year-olds, who live in Ponteland, both praised their teachers for the support they provided throughout the school year.