ELECTION: Labour can’t claim victory

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Ian Lavery MP seems to inhabit the same ‘make believe’ world as his leader, Jeremy Corbyn (Morpeth Herald, June 29).

He castigated the Prime Minister for not resigning and giving ‘the Labour Party the chance to form a Government, which we were ready and willing to do’.

Now opportunism in politics never surprises me, but the last time I looked at the election results, the Tories had won by 50-plus seats (in spite of the worst campaign ever).

So why this outburst of triumphalism when you lost, Mr Lavery?

How on earth could your party form a Government when you’re so short of seats, and also when you sack Shadow Ministers on a regular basis – three gone and one resignation in the last week?

Congratulations on winning your Wansbeck seat, but please don’t patronise Herald readers with ‘Jeremy hype’ – and do try to remember that you actually lost the election.

Frank Dobson

Townsend Crescent,