ENVIRONMENT: Enough green fields are gone

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As Morpeth continues to expand into areas that would once have been its green belt, I hope that the planning officials at County Hall will give greater thought to developers being given more encouragement to invest in appropriate environmental enhancement schemes, for example the planting of appropriate trees and flowers to improve the areas.

You cannot replace a green field that is built on, and enough green fields have disappeared where more could have been done to improve the look of a developed area, which is to the benefit of the developer and to residents.

Considering how much of its resources the county council invested in the main retail areas in Cramlington, it’s surprising that little has been heard about the long-term plans for the investment.

It would be interesting to hear how the income, both now and in five and then ten years from the Cramlington investment, will fit into the county council’s financial plans.

Many self-employed people need to successfully build a social media profile to enhance their business.

From musicians singing in pubs and trying to selling copies of their CDs to people running their own shop and trying to boost their trade, all are aware that it’s important to retain people’s interest when they find you on the social media platform they are using so that visitors to their sites return.

Therefore it is important that the obvious necessity to increase broadband speeds in the county is looked at so that someone online in, for example Rothbury, gets comparable speed to that in other parts of the country.

It is important that there are opportunities for people to continue up-skilling on how to make the most of the commercial possibilities faster broadband access will give.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue