ENVIRONMENT: Trees give identity

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It is always welcome to see councillors getting involved in new tree planting in Morpeth.

It will be interesting to see if Northumberland County Council will encourage more environmental enhancement projects in Morpeth so that as the town expands, new trees and floral planting can give added value and identity to a particular development.

Take, for example, the road from Stobhill and on to Bedlington, as areas of greenfield get filled up with new housing, we shall see how much thought is given to the environmental look of the housing schemes.

It’s not a matter of devising houses for trees formula, but a matter of the county council showing environmental aspirations.

It is also about taking care of existing trees.

When the infrastructure work is completed between Wellway and Dacre Street in Morpeth hopefully the hard standing near the tree at the top of Dacre Street will be removed as the tree is an important feature in the street.

Ant and Dec have been a television institution for many years and have both won a number of awards during their successful careers.

With every television personality there is every chance that there is a difference between how they appear on screen and how they are in early life so there was justification in interest from the initial discovery that Ant McPartlin had a problem with alcohol.

But as the media interest has built, there hasn’t been much interest on its impact on Ant and his family and friends, especially as most people will know someone who has, or has had, a problem with alcohol.

It’s not difficult to speculate on how media scrutiny on someone you know would have affected them.

It was good to read recently that Northumberland County Council is investing more resources in some of its parks, with a plan to use income from car parking charges.

Progress with work on the Carlisle Park clock is to be welcomed.

However, for residents who remember the Carlisle Park in the past, it would be good to see a firm plan for a future vision for the park, which would show how the existing features, such as Ha Hill and the Bowling Green, could be made more of for now and the future.

Robert Pollard

Northbourne Avenue