Bag campaigners carry their fight to supermarket

COUNCILLORS will approach Morpeth’s main supermarket about helping its campaign for a plastic bag-free town.

And residents are being urged to use Bags for Life and other large containers as much as possible during the festive shopping period.

Morpeth Town Council has lobbied a range of businesses about not giving out or charging for non-degradable bags as they have a harmful effect on the environment.

And members now want to discuss the issue further with Morpeth’s Morrisons store.

Coun Andrew Tebbutt said: “When you are in the supermarket, it depends which check-out you go to as some staff do give out plastic bags and some don’t.

“As they cost 5p in Marks and Spencer, if you compare the two stores there will be much fewer bags used in M&S each day.”

He added: “We need to speak to the Morrisons’ Morpeth branch manager about if there’s any way we can get the company to join in with what we’re trying to achieve.

“We’re also asking residents to take their own bags with them and this is particularly important in the run up to Christmas when we’ll be doing more shopping than normal.”

Town Mayor Phil Taylor was in the Market Place on Saturday to help sell More in Morpeth Bags for Life, funded by the Morpeth and District Chamber of Trade, during the independent traders event.

Morpeth Town Council Clerk Gillian Turner said one issue which may hamper the campaign is that with bins not being collected as often as in the past, householders are using plastic bags to store rubbish.