Concerns raised over fly-posting controls

PLANS to tackle fly-posting in a Northumberland community will be given further consideration.

Last month the parish council announced moves to keep the area clutter free by introducing new controls on posters.

Councillors said people should seek permission from the authority before displaying notices and must remove the posters within seven days of their event taking place.

Members and the parish handyman would take down any signs remaining beyond that time.

However, at this month’s parish meeting concerns were raised about the legality of the proposal.

Coun Jacek Juszczyk said: “Consideration was given to organisations and individuals requiring permission from the parish council for posters to be displayed. Is that anywhere? What if it is on private land or equipment that belongs to somebody?

“It needs making clear.

“We need to find out what we can and can’t ask for approval because there will be instances where people will be able to put up posters that we have no jurisdiction over.

“I would also like to find out if we can take them down.”

Coun Shelly Willoughby said the policy would mainly relate to lamppost posters, with Northumberland County Council responsible for monitoring notices on private land.

And Parish Clerk Richard Smith confirmed that he will be seeking advice from county enforcement officers about the issue.

Chairman Joe Sennett added: “This is just about trying to tidy the place up.”