Disgusted villagers call for action on dog dirt

ANGRY villagers have called for action to tackle dog dirt in their community park.

Residents have complained about the mess in the park at Widdrington Station, saying it is a hygiene hazard to children.

And at a meeting of the parish council they called for tough action to prosecute the irresponsible dog owners who neglect to clean up after their pets.

One villager said: “The dog mess in the park is terrible, it is disgusting. The people who have these dogs and don’t clean up are uneducated and they need educating.

“We have got laws to prosecute them so why not do it? I know it is not just a problem here, it is countrywide.

“I’m a dog owner myself and I pick it up so why can’t other people?

“There are kids playing in the park and they could easily get it on their hands and then in their eyes. It can spread disease.”

Fellow resident Brenda Fordy-Scott said part of the problem was owners refusing to keep their dogs on leads in the park.

“When I have been in the park the dogs are running loose and that is one of the biggest problems. Could we ensure that the dogs are on leads in the park because it is a lot easier policing dogs on the lead?” she said.

Parish councillors accepted there are still problems of dog mess, but member Shelly Willoughby said she was pleasantly surprised on a recent visit to the park at how clean it was.

“When we did a park survey it wasn’t perfectly clean, but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. The dog mess seems to have gone to a massive degree,” she said.

“Where the BMX track is there is a lot of people who walk their dogs there so I was quite surprised that the amount of dog mess wasn’t too bad.

“There was even one gentleman who was picking up after his dogs and then sending them off to pick up plastic bottles and other litter.”

However, councillors said they will mention the problems to the county dog warden and will invite him to attend a future parish council meeting to discuss the issue.

Chairman Joe Sennett said: “There are a lot of people who do pick it up, but it just takes one or two who don’t and you have a problem.”