Garden centre creates a buzz

THERE’LL be a buzz around a Northumberland garden centre this weekend as customers can see some honey bees.

Representatives from the British Beekeepers’ Association will visit Heighley Gate Nursery and Garden Centre near Morpeth on Saturday and Sunday.

They will talk to customers about beekeeping and the importance of bees in nature and gardening, as well as display an observation hive so that people can see a working colony of bees in action.

The event is part of the centre’s Bee and Butterfly Festival, which concludes on Sunday.

Centre Manager Roger Wale said: “Some species of bee are seriously endangered so we are keen to raise awareness of their plight.

“Bees and butterflies are gardeners’ friends so we will be helping our visitors learn how to encourage these friendly insects into their gardens.

“Bees and butterflies are very important to gardeners because they feed on flower nectar and as they feed they transfer pollen on their bodies and legs from one plant to another.

“Without bees many arable and horticultural crops can’t produce a harvest, which would seriously affect our food supply.

“We will be highlighting bee and butterfly friendly plants that help encourage pollinating insects into gardens.”

The bee experts will be at the garden centre from 11am to 3pm on both days.