Hands off frog spawn

WILDLIFE experts are warning people to keep their hands off frog spawn.

Northumberland Wildlife Trust is urging people not to move frog spawn into or out of garden ponds and rivers as it can lead to severe contamination and pose a threat to frogs, toads and newts.

Frogs are at risk of two deadly diseases.

Chytrid fungus, which clogs their pores and causes them to choke, has already led to amphibian extinction in various parts of the world, and ‘red legs’ causes the skin to drop off frogs’ legs, subjecting them to a slow and painful death.

The condition is incurable and is on the increase in parts of the UK.

Trust Head of Conservation Steve Lowe said: “In a nutshell, our message is very simple — when it comes to excessive frog spawn please leave it where it is as nature will sort it out.”