Hopes high for erososion plan

COUNCILLORS are hopeful that revised plans to address erosion in Ponteland Park will be approved.

A scheme for the bank of the river involving willow structures had been agreed with the Environment Agency, but the organisation later said it could not proceed because there were issues about the capabilities of the contractor and liability insurance.

Ponteland Town Council had to go back to the drawing board and it has opened discussions with a Hexham-based consultant which has experience of dealing with the new acts and regulations that the agency is using.

It will now draw up plans for a new scheme after members of the authority agreed to allocate a sum of £1,200.

Coun Robin Ramsay said: “It was disappointing when the Environment Agency said that it was no longer prepared to agree to the original scheme because it was ready to start.

“But I’m very hopeful that the consultant we’re using will be able to come up with something which meets its approval.”