Hunt is on for hidden jewels

VISITORS to a Northumberland nature reserve have been urged to look for hidden jewels in the grasslands.

For the East Chevington reserve features in a new guide by The Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts listing 40 places to see orchids.

There are about 50 species of orchid in the UK, ranging from the common spotted orchid to the extremely rare military orchid.

At East Chevington, which is managed by Northumberland Wildlife Trust, visitors may find northern marsh and lesser butterfly orchids.

Trust Head of Conservation Steve Lowe said: “Wildlife trusts throughout the country have long been the guardians of a fantastic variety of orchid species, all of which are beautiful indicators of a healthy grassland environment.

“I hope the new guide will inspire visits to these reserves and spark a desire to help protect them through supporting local wildlife trusts, such as Northumberland Wildlife Trust which is working hard to restore and recreate declining habitats in the region, such as wildflower meadows.”

The guide is available to download at\orchidsites