Limit for big amount of waste at centres

A permit restriction has been introduced, but the county council believes it will benefit residents.

Twelve centres across Northumberland can take a wide range of household waste items, but they are not designed for use by businesses, property developers or for waste from large-scale DIY home improvements.

If residents wish to take their waste to a site with a van, trade type vehicle or a trailer longer than one-and-a-half metres, they have to obtain a household waste permit before they visit.

The council reviewed its permit scheme and as a result, it has agreed to limit the numbers of permits issued to residents to 12 per household per year to bring it more into line with other local authority schemes. The annual DIY volume limit is now six cubic yards.

Property developers, private landlords or people who work for them will not be able to take any construction or demolition waste or unwanted furniture and fittings from their properties to the centres. Alternative services, both private and council-run, are available for business use.