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A NEW support network for those affected by and at risk of flooding has been created on Facebook.

Flood Group UK is a new page to help people in these communities to share information, experiences and advice about flooding.

It also contains a flood directory with details on how to find out if you are at risk of flooding, how to sign up for free flood warnings and what simple steps you can take to protect your property.

This initiative is being overseen by the Environment Agency and is supported by a range of groups, including the National Flood Forum.

Phil Rothwell, Head of Flood Strategy at the Environment Agency, said: “Floods can cause thousands of pounds worth of damage and many months of heartache and disruption.

“This damage can be dramatically reduced when a community comes together to prepare for flooding by keeping people up-to-date with the latest in warnings or flood protection products, sharing experiences, or by helping to make small changes to homes to reduce the impact of flooding.

“We hope that Flood Group UK becomes a vibrant and active virtual community linking people with experience or knowledge of flooding. You may not have been flooded for ages but in areas at risk of flooding, a flood can be just around the corner.”

To access the page, go to www.facebook.com/floodgroupuk