Nature’s athletes still performing

THE Olympics may be over, but nature’s top class athletes are still performing.

And Northumberland Wildlife Trust is encouraging visitors to see the first rate sprinters, divers and jumpers for themselves.

Brown hares at Prestwick Carr and Druridge Bay are streets ahead of Usain Bolt, with speeds of 77kph compared to 44kph by the double gold medal winner.

And at Hauxley and Cresswell Foreshore the diving displays of the gannets would leave Tom Daley in the shade.

The European teal duck, which can also be found at Hauxley, is a natural at the high jump, while red squirrels are experts at the long jump.

Conservation Officer Kevin O’Hara said: “Head off to any number of the wildlife charity’s 60 nature reserves and see wildlife which can jump higher, swim further and run faster than the Stella McCartney-clad athletes who competed for a medal.”