Park woodland plan takes root

PLANS to give an area of Ponteland Park a more woodland feel have been given the green light.

The Friends of Ponteland Park (FOPP) required £700 for works by the main pathway that leads up to the flower meadow area and the full amount has been approved by Ponteland Town Council.

A landscape gardener has now been appointed to carry out the project, which was required because the path was raised to make it suitable for everyone.

Once a rotavator has been used on the surface, an organic composted material and screened loam will be mixed together on top of the sub soil next to the path to bring it up to the same level. The grassed side paths that link with the main path will also be raised.

A leaf mould substance will be created and grass seeds will then be planted before the main plants are put in place.

FOPP Chairman Margaret Stainsby said: “Once all this work is carried out we will plant spring flowering bulbs and shade loving plants in the Autumn.

“This will create a section of the park that looks like an area of plants you would find in a mature woodland and hopefully it will attract more wildlife to the park.

“We are very grateful to Ponteland Town Council for giving us the full amount.”