Plethora of green works in Pont

A range of environmental initiatives will be carried out in Ponteland after they were approved at a town council meeting.

The policies agreed include retaining the green spaces that it owns in perpetuity for the benefit and enjoyment of residents and replacing any trees that have to be felled by planting one or two trees in a similar location if possible.

The area near the Pele Tower and Verger’s Cottage in the authority’s ownership will be tidied up and a new distribution board and photo cell will be installed to power the Pele Tower lights outside of the cottage.

A new ‘Tidy Bear’ bin for the Callerton Lane play area was approved and the council will obtain quotes for further soft surfacing around some pieces of equipment.

In addition, it will replace some bins in Ponteland Park at Dunsgreen, the Lions seat and the Millennium Bridge.