Rainy days have effect on cutting

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THE wet summer weather over the last two months has had an impact on the county council’s grass cutting service.

Neil Fearnley from the Highways and Neighbourhood Services department updated members of the authority’s Communities and Place Overview and Scrutiny Committee about the issue.

He said the grass has grown faster because of the large amount of rain and workers have been unable to do as many cuts as they would like.

“Areas of county council-owned grassed land have received an average of six cuts, just behind our target of seven, but we are aware that some places have only been cut three or four times,” he added.

“We’re working as hard as we can to get back on track over the next few weeks, weather permitting.”

Coun Veronica Jones raised an issue that has come as a result of housing association Isos ending its grass cutting contract with the authority and using a company – Vale Contract Services – instead.

She said: “In Stamfordham, there is an area of land near some Isos housing but it’s not actually owned by the association.

“In the past, the county council would cut it anyway but the new company has left it, as it is entitled to do. This has meant the grass has grown very wild and long.”

Coun Julie Foster added it was important that workers clear all grass cuttings and soil after cutting has taken place as they can block drains and help to cause surface water flooding when there is very heavy rain.