Resident raises a thorny issue

A Ponteland resident has called on the town council to improve the condition of some of the plants at Merton Way.

At the annual town meeting of local government electors, which took place in the Methodist Church Hall, David Butler asked the members of the authority a series of questions.

One of them was as follows: “At Merton Way, some of the beds have been really well planted, but there are three or four beds that are very weedy indeed.

“We’re approaching the time when there is going to be a lot of growth and weeds grow quicker than most plants, so will the council take some action to address this?”

He added that he hopes decorative gravel will not be used.

In response, environment working party chairman Robin Ramsay said that treatment to the beds is ‘on-going’, but it is a difficult matter when weeds get deeply ingrained.

He added: “To deal with the weeds completely, we would need to find a solution that does not require a great demand on our resources.”

Another issue raised by Mr Butler, a former Ponteland town councillor, was the information produced by the authority following a full council meeting.

He said: “There are quite a few discussion documents that inform the decisions made by councillors. In the spirit of openness, can you publish them?”

Clerk Kath Mavin said these documents will be made available to read on the council’s website in the near future.

In the full council meeting which followed the annual town meeting, members approved a recommendation by the environment working party to place one of the large rocks at Fox Covert Lane on one of the lower planters at Merton Way.

Quotes from contractors will now be sought.

The council agreed to the provision of a stone marker and plaque next to the U3A memorial tree in Ponteland Park and the installation of metal plates on each of the three picnic benches in the park, subject to their suitability on recycled plastic and to costs being obtained.

It also agreed to approve the adoption of a three-year rolling programme for the work of the environment working party, which would feed into the budget process and provide a schedule of work for this period.