Serve up a winter feast

NATURE lovers in Northumberland are being urged to feed the birds this winter.

The RSPB’s Feed The Birds Day takes place on Saturday to remind people of the need to help out garden wildlife during the colder seasons.

The extra food, water and shelter provided by people could mean the difference between life and death for some species.

And while birds benefit from supplementary food all year round, the autumn and winter are particularly important times to keep feeders and bird tables topped up.

People can use bird food such as mixed seed, nyjer seed and peanuts, but kitchen scraps, such as leftover rice and pasta, breakfast cereal without milk and unsalted bacon rind can do just as well.

A supply of fresh water is also essential for bathing and preening.

A special pack including details of how, what and when to feed birds, a bird identification guide, family activities and gardening for wildlife is available online at