Site puts focus on world wetlands

A CONSERVATION site near Ponteland is helping to focus attention on the world’s wetlands.

Prestwick Carr, which covers about 320 hectares, will be restored and enhanced after Northumberland Wildlife Trust secured funding from Biffaward’s National Restoration and Flood Alleviation Programme.

And as World Wetlands Day was celebrated last week, marking 40 years since the signing of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands in Iran, the Trust held up the Prestwick site as an example of the value and benefits of wetlands across the globe.

Head of Conservation Steve Lowe said: “Throughout the UK, schemes are helping to reverse the damage done to wetlands which have been in serious decline for several decades and are under major pressure from intensive agriculture and encroaching development.

“There’s no question that UK wetlands are one of our most important habitats. They help protect us against flooding, encourage long-term water storage underground, help with reducing soil erosion, clean up pollution and store carbon dioxide.

“World Wetlands Day is the ideal time to reflect on their value. On a winter’s day, Prestwick Carr is a great place to relax and take in the spectacle of the surroundings.”