Support your local wildlife as the weather changes

Male blackbird eating berries.
Male blackbird eating berries.
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COUNTY residents are being urged to give nature a helping hand as we move from autumn to winter.

The first of five important tips from Northumberland Wildlife Trust (NWT) is ‘let it grow’.

As this autumn has been warmer than usual, grass has grown at more than its normal levels. People are advised to leave it or some of it in place to provide shelter for insects through the colder months which, in turn, will feed the birds.

The next is that you should not clear away rotting wood because it is a valuable part of the ecosystem.

The other three are as follows: don’t burn or discard all the dead leaves in your garden, don’t cut back your ivy and don’t cut back hedges when they are producing berries.

Steve Lowe, head of conservation at NWT, said: “As the weather gets colder, gardens become an even more important source of shelter and food for wildlife.”