Take your litter home with you

DRIVERS across the region are being told to take more responsibility for their litter.

The Highways Agency says drivers should keep a bag for rubbish in their vehicles until it can be disposed of in a bin.

The message comes after the agency removed 4,700 sacks of litter from motorways in the north east, Yorkshire and Humber in April.

Nationally, it clears around 240,000 sacks of rubbish every year.

Litter can be a threat to the environment and wildlife, block drains and cause flooding, and cause a hazard for other road users, while clearing it diverts resources away from road maintenance and repairs.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Phil Barton said: “Litter is a blight on our environment, making places look unloved and run-down.

“It is not a problem that should be difficult to solve. Doing the right thing is easy and costs nothing. Everyone needs to simply take responsibility for their rubbish. Even when driving it is not difficult to put it aside and to bin it when you arrive.

“Our roads should not be seen as being one giant litter bin — the cost of cleaning up after the thoughtless minority is too high and the environmental impact is unacceptable.

“It’s time for us all to take some pride in our country, to love where we live.”