Turbine fight goes visual

An artist's impression of a turbine, behind St Marys Church, Stannington.
An artist's impression of a turbine, behind St Marys Church, Stannington.

CAMPAIGNERS have gone visual as they continue to fight against a controversial windfarm application on the edge of Morpeth.

An artist’s impression of one of the four turbines proposed for a site at the former Tranwell Airfield has been placed behind a photograph of St Mary’s Church in Stannington to show the difference in size.

The parish councils of Meldon, Mitford, Stannington and Whalton are all opposed to the scheme and more than 300 objections have now been lodged against Wind Ventures’ plans. In addition, the Tranwell Windfarm Action Group (TWAG) is getting expert advice to put forward its case.

Objectors say the windfarm would negatively dominate the landscape, be installed within a proposed extension to the green belt, produce unacceptable noise and have an adverse impact on tourism.

Group member Karen Carins said: “This image gives you a very good idea of the actual scale of these turbines. St Mary’s Church is about 80ft high and each turbine is 413ft high.

“We’re getting an awful lot of support from residents. As well as the objections we’ve had hundreds of hits on our website.

“This application has brought our communities closer together. It hasn’t proved to be divisive because we haven’t come across any support for the windfarm in our villages.”

Meanwhile, TWAG has been informed that UKIP leader Nigel Farage is coming to Stannington Village Hall as part of his North East tour on Saturday, April 6, from 7pm. He will be addressing the issue of wind turbines.

Places are still available at £20 per person for the fund-raising curry night at Char Mausum restaurant, Stannington Station Road End, on Monday. It starts at 7.30pm.

The race night and quiz night will take place in Whalton Village Hall and the Dyke Neuk.