Watch out for the super spiders at home

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SPIDER lovers across the county are being urged to look out for some big creepy crawlies in their home.

As well as being amazed by their size, Northumberland Wildlife Trust is asking people to collect the long-legged creatures as part of an ecological research project at the University of York.

Scientists there are studying the distribution of the six species of large house spiders in the UK — of the six types, two are the most common apart from this region of the country where only one type is common and so they are trying to find out why that is the case.

In addition, the two most common spiders are breeding and are creating ‘superspiders’ with even longer legs.

Head of Conservation at Northumberland Wildlife Trust Steve Lowe said: “We are looking for the supermodels of the spider world, you know the sort, the ones with massive legs and small bodies which can empty a room in five seconds.”

Those who are able to collect a large spider, alive, are asked to put it inside half a toilet roll tube, pack it with a small amount of damp tissue and post it in a crush-proof container, such as a margarine tub, together with details of where it was found, postcode and contact details to Dr Geoff Oxford, Department of Biology (Area 14), University of York, Wentworth Way, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD.

All material will be acknowledged and postage costs reimbursed. For more information, telephone Mr Lowe on 0191 2846884.