We’re buzzing

BEE by Graham Dixon.
BEE by Graham Dixon.

WILDLIFE workers are buzzing after picking up extra funds for their bee protection work.

The Co-operative Membership Plan Bee campaign has awarded £3,000 to Northumberland Wildlife Trust to support its Beequest Project.

The award follows on from a £5,000 grant from the campaign last year that enabled the trust to introduce bee hives on one of its sites and train staff and volunteers on how to manage them effectively.

Now the extra allocation will allow the wildlife charity to build upon its success and improve conditions for bees at four other reserves in the county.

Proposed site improvements include grass cutting, scrub thinning, more conservation grazing and wildflower planting, which will not only benefit bees, but will also provide better conditions for other wildife, such as butterflies and birds. The trust will also continue its educational work on bees with local schools.

All types of bees have suffered a serious reduction in numbers in recent decades due to habitat degradation and destruction, and all but six of the UK’s 25 bumble bee species have been declining since the 1960s.