Environmental champions

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NEW figures have shown that Morpeth’s two community centres are more environmentally friendly thanks to a range of efficiency works.

Morpeth Town Council borrowed £50,000 to improve facilities at Storey Park and St James’s Centre and reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions.

The project included installing new energy efficient heating systems, lighting, insulation, hot water heaters and double glazing, as well as redecorating. This was carried out two years ago.

And now it has been revealed by the authority that both the electricity and gas units consumed at the centres have fallen despite an increase in their occupation.

In 2009/10, St James’s used 7,398 electricity and 3,020 gas units and at Storey Park it was 5,569 and 2,573 units respectively. All these amounts were lower in 2011/12 following the works (St James’s 6,020 electricity and 1,703 gas and Storey Park 4,759 electricity and 2,000 gas).

Council Clerk Gillian Turner said users were very pleased with the improvements, although she added that increases in gas and electricity costs will affect year-on-year comparisons of energy bills.