EUROPE: Britain differs little from EU

Misinformed, uninformed, ill-informed, unaware? Ignorant? Or wilfully ignorant?

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 09 November, 2017, 08:19

I read Frankie Vendittelli’s letter with interest. It must be reassuring to have such strong and straightforward views relating to the complex issue of Britain’s intention to disassociate itself from the European Union.

I wonder about the authority for the claims and assertions expressed which, sadly, show a lack of understanding not only of the European Union’s political system, in which Britain plays a part, but also of the British system itself.

There is also, of course, the question of the legitimacy of government policy following the 2016 advisory referendum, regarding which there may be uncertainty.

It is the case that, in Britain, much the same political system prevails.

In Britain, we do not vote for the Prime Minister, nor do we vote for the various government ministers. These are unelected posts, which are held by appointment.

When are the British given any opportunity to vote for candidates for these positions?

The very recent instance of a new Defence Minister, appointed within 24 hours of the previous incumbent leaving, is a case in point.

Also, a great many pieces of legislation are put in effect by such appointees without consultation outside a ruling, hence élite and unaccountable clique.

This situation, highly convenient for politicians, is so engrained in the British political system, that we do not take a critical look at it, as perhaps we should. It is scarcely different from that obtaining in the European Union, regarding which Frankie Vendittelli writes so bitterly.

People who hold opinions contrary to present government policy are these days frequently described as ‘undemocratic’, which shows a nicely-rounded lack of understanding of the nature of democracy.

It seems that people who differ are not entitled to an opinion.

Curiously, taken to its logical conclusion, it appears that the only person entitled to have, express or pursue any political opinion is this same Frankie Vendittelli!

Democracy indeed.

Kenneth G McDonald