Everything stops for tea

Morpeth Inner Wheel

Morpeth Inner Wheel held its annual Birthday Tea at Morpeth Rugby Club on a very wet May afternoon.

However, there was lots of warmth and a sunny atmosphere as Inner Wheel members from other local clubs came together to enjoy afternoon tea and entertainment by local group, 3+2. Everyone enjoyed a mixture of songs, jokes and monologues.

On that afternoon the club donated a £50 cheque towards the Mayor’s charity.

June 1 saw Inner Wheel back at the Waterford Lodge for its annual AGM.

President Margaret Miller gave a brief report about the Inner Wheel conference, which 11 of our members attended in Telford in Shropshire.

Margaret then announced that our local charity collections were to go to the Special Wheels project and the local National Blind Association. Our overseas organiser Anne Parsons suggested that our overseas charity money should go to Dorothy’s Wells and Mary’s Meals, both worthy charities abroad, and members fully agreed.

After the business meeting, we ended the evening with a talk entitled Polar Bears, given by our own member Suzanne Hamnett, who had experienced a close encounter with polar bears on a holiday in Canada.

She was able to view the bears on their yearly migration over the Hudson Bay when it has iced over. The talk was made even more interesting as she had photographs to prove it.

Morpeth Inner Wheel looks forward to its Handover Dinner, which is to be held at Horton Grange Hotel.