Expert offers tips on his cultivation

Wynyard Hall Gardens. Picture by Tom Pattinson.
Wynyard Hall Gardens. Picture by Tom Pattinson.

The highlight of the Wynyard Hall Gardens visit was the wall-to-wall colour in the main garden.

Some 3,500 roses, plus 12,000 herbaceous perennials blending together, have that effect.

Attention was drawn to a BBC film unit recording a piece for Gardeners’ World. Mark confided that they’d asked for tips on his cultivation methods, and he proceeded to enlighten us.

At planting, dig a good-sized hole, adding plenty of manure or composted material, plus mycorrhizal fungi. Plant them 10cm deeper than they’ve been in the nursery or container to avoid wind-rock and suckering.

Fungicidal spray is used from bud break at two-week intervals, and a foliar feed of seaweed-based Maxicrop is applied fortnightly.

Rust has been a bigger problem than black spot so far this season.

Given the numbers involved, it is not surprising that pruning starts in January and finishes in May. Every rose is pruned with secateurs, the herbaceous plants with hedge trimmers.

Never use Glyphosate herbicide near roses.

Posts, numbered 1 to 135, are used to identify the different Wynyard roses. These correspond with a full list of varietal names in the visitor guide and obviate searching for labels amongst rampant growth.

Well done, Mark. Many routes lead to success in gardening and this one clearly works for you.