FALL: Thank you for your kind help

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I would like to thank the kind people who helped me while I was waiting for the ambulance after I had a nasty fall at Hillgate, Morpeth, on Wednesday, June 14.

I would particularly like to thank the young man who gave me first-class first aid, staunching the flow of blood with a supply of tissues and cleaning the wound on my head with clean water.

Also the young lady who helped him by supplying a bottle of water and holding the tissues in place to stop the blood (at his direction).

And thanks to a passing workman, who provided something from his van — what it was I do not know and didn’t care — to enable me to be more comfortable with my head off the ground.

I would also like to thank the ambulance crew and the local resident who called them. I probably owe this last gentleman (and his dog) an apology for spoiling their walk.

John T McPhillips

Lindisfarne Lane