Family favourites

THE speaker for February’s meeting of Morpeth Stobhillgate Townswomen’s Guild, Mrs Eileen Brown, was welcomed by Guild Chairman Mrs Irving Rutherford.

Members were expecting a talk about a very famous 1950s radio programme, Two-Way Family Favourites.

It was introduced by Jean Metcalfe in London and Cliff Michelmore in Germany and it had 16million listeners.

However, members soon discovered that they had to take part by singing along to some favourite singers and songs of that era, for example Lay Down Your Arms by Anne Shelton, Adoration Waltz by David Whitfield, Finger of Suspicion by Dickie Valentine and How Much is that Doggie in the Window? by Lita Rosa.

Everyone had a terrific afternoon and Mrs Brown was brilliant. She was warmly thanked by Mrs Joyce Henderson.

Tea, biscuits and the raffle followed and members left with songs from yesteryear ringing in their ears.

The group’s next meeting in St Robert’s Church Hall, Oldgate, is on Thursday, March 8, from 2pm. All welcome.