FAMILY: Seeking some information

I am trying to trace any living relatives or people who may have known my grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Connelly

Friday, 14th September 2018, 6:00 am

She was born in County Durham in 1897.

Her Irish Catholic family moved around the various coal mining sites in County Durham and also in Northumberland, including Pegswood.

It’s possible that in the early 1920s, she worked at the Grand Hotel in Ashington.

Her brother Thomas Connelly (born 1895) lived there for a number of years, where he was a haulier, so she may have gravitated to Ashington because of him.

Thomas died in 1979 at the Thomas Taylor Home, Stannington.

From what I can work out, my grandmother had a very hard life.

When her mother, Annie Brennan, died in 1910 when Mary was just 13 years old, it’s possible she spent time in a workhouse in Morpeth.

Mary left the North East in or around 1924 to run away with a non-Irish Catholic married man from London. She never went back.

And she never, ever talked about any of this.

Her brother Thomas went on to marry Elizabeth Harrison (don’t know when, but mid-1920s) and they had a son, Thomas Harrison Connelly, born in 1927, possibly in Crook, County Durham.

Thos H Connelly married Dorothy Stouph in 1959. Two daughters were born: Anne, in 1960; and Catherine in 1963.

Whereas I know that Thos H Connelly passed away in 2006, his widow Dorothy Connelly, and daughters Anne and Catherine could still be with us, I hope.

I would like to make contact with any one of them, or anyone who is related to or knows them.

I want to find more information about my grandmother, and if I can find my second cousins, Anne and Catherine, that would be just great.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you can help.

Peter Walton