Family ties found across the globe

A FAMILY search started at the other side of the world has found its way to Morpeth.

Bev Price, who lives in Queensland, Australia, has discovered some Morpeth roots in her family tree and she is keen to find out more about them.

Ms Price’s mother was born Dorothy Margaret Isabella Hall to Robert Nicholas Hall, son of William Hall and Margaret Parker.

William was born at South Charlton in 1846 to Robert Hall and Margaret Straughan and had a number of brothers and sisters, including John Hall, who was born about 1850.

John became a policeman in Durham and married Elizabeth Ann Reay. They had nine children, and the youngest Florence May, who was born in 1902, ended up living in Morpeth after she married John V Hodgson.

It is not known if the couple had any children, but Ms Price is hoping Herald readers could tell her more.

Anyone with information can email or write to Bev Price, 81 Nissen Street, Pialba, Q4655, Queensland, Australia.