Fascinating trench talk brought the war to life

The KEVI students received a talk about life in the trenches in World War I during their trip.
The KEVI students received a talk about life in the trenches in World War I during their trip.


At the last meeting of the Morpeth Antiquarian Society (MAS) Mrs Janet Brown, a long-standing MAS member, delivered a fascinating and moving talk on the North East War Memorials Project (NEWMP).

NEWMP has a database of over 4,600 memorials, and covers Northumberland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne. There is an almost endless variety of War Memorials and Janet named many local villages and towns known to MAS members, making us want to see for ourselves the memorial halls, playing fields, hospitals, gardens, libraries, church windows, statues and clock towers.

The NEWMP has a highly praised and accessible website – www.newmp.org.uk – with details of each memorial, whether or not it survives, and individual pages of information under the title Every Name a Story. Janet concluded her talk with quotations from Rudyard Kipling, which have become so familiar to us, “Their name liveth for ever”, and “Lest we forget”.

Charlotte Houlton thanked Janet for her touching tribute to the fallen, which she said was a result of years of dedicated work and attention to detail.

On behalf of the MAS Museum Group, Maurice Teasdale reported that the group had many visitors over the past month, some seeking advice and others keen to see the work of the group.

Students from King Edward Vi School (KEVI), with members of the Museum Group, visited the First World War practice trenches on the Rothbury Moors on the most appropriate date of November 11. The visit included reflective readings and a minute’s silence. The chairman, Chris Hudson, thanked the group for their ongoing work at the school.

Kim Bibby Wilson had for sale copies of books produced by Antiquarian members: Morpeth and the Railways by Peter Carling, the revised edition of the Medieval Guilds by Roland Bibby, and The Town Hall Treasures, which has largely been revised by Kim herself. The Town Hall Treasures book can be purchased from MAS, with the proceeds going to the Society. Chris Hudson thanked Kim Bibby Wilson for all the work she had put in to this publication.

MAS member Roger Hawkins was selling copies of his latest publication The Early Christian Landscape of the Wansbeck Valley. He has also donated a copy to the group.

The Mayor Nic Best has commissioned new music to commemorate 300 years of the Town Hall and this will be played during the Morpeth Northumbrian Gathering, from Friday, April 10 to Sunday, April 12.