Fears over speed on rural road

Two cars come off the road near Ulgham.
Two cars come off the road near Ulgham.

A fed-up villager has demanded action over speeding drivers on a narrow country road.

Resident Keith Newman spotted three drivers going off the road between Ulgham Grange and Widdrington Station in slippery conditions on Sunday and Monday.

And while there is no suggestion that any of them were driving too fast, he said it highlights the dangers of the road, where he frequently sees speeding traffic.

“Obviously in this weather you will get people going off the roads, but I am fed-up with cars coming too fast,” he said.

“It is a one-lane road with passing places and these accidents just highlight the dangers of it. These accidents happened because of the weather, but we could end up with that every day of the week.

“When they re-surfaced the road I think they narrowed it and put the passing places in. That was probably designed to slow the traffic down, but it hasn’t worked.”

A spokesman for Northumberland County Council said: “While we haven’t been made aware of any recent issues on this stretch of road, given residents’ concerns we will be arranging a speed survey to be carried out near Grange View First School. This will be forwarded to the Northumbria Safer Roads Initiative for their consideration, should their relevant criteria be met.

“With regard to the 60mph section of road, a site visit will be carried out in due course to assess the situation.”